A Busy But Successful Day

I've been writing code all day, but I managed to have a nice trading day when time allowed.  I don't have time for a lot of description, but here are all the results and the screenshots.

AAPL one-and-done                                         $95
BABA KYL8 and VWAP                                ($80)
BABA looking for a break of $235                 $160
AAPL scalp                                                       $40

Total                                                                 $215

This is quickly becoming my favorite way to trade.  It's pain-free.

AAPL One-and-Done

BABA Failed to Break Out

BABA Breaks 235.00

AAPL Scalp

All the trades and notifications
What makes these interesting is mostly the explanation of what the system did and why it took the actions that it did.  That's the second column from the right in the top table, where you see things like GRAB_CENTS and CANDLE_TRAIL.

Of course, we will be improving the user experience dramatically, making the interface both prettier and more functional.

But the trader's experience is pretty awesome.  Low stress, low risk, high reward.  I'm trading very small and making consistent profits, and my losses are minimal.