Every Loss is an Opportunity

Like all traders, we are looking for an edge.

Unlike most traders, however, we are not looking to be better at predicting future price movement.  No matter how good you get at predicting the future, you will always be at the whim of chaos.  Your prediction is always only a probability and always less that 1.0.

We look for our edge in dynamic position management and speed.  Just as you cannot control others... you can only control yourself, you cannot control the market... you can only control your position.

Our breakthroughs never come on good days. Breakthroughs come through pain, stress, challenges, and loss.

We suffered our biggest loss so far today.  A one-and-done on ROKU turned around and went against us so fast that it hit our full stop loss.  That's actually the first time since we started trading this platform in June that we had a trade hit our full stop loss.  If you think about it, that's actually very impressive.

Still, it did not feel so good to have a $510 loss that early in the morning.  And even though we had two other one-and-done's make a combined profit of $201.98, it's the big loss that colors the entire day.

But the post-mortem on that trade will yield multiple benefits.  We are reassessing how we select option contracts, refining our price improvement algorithm, and adding a new exit tactic to more quickly protect a green position before it goes deep red, even if no profit target was reached.

You can use whatever prediction edge you prefer when you decide what, when, and where to trade.  But when you trade that prediction using Trade Unafraid, you can apply our dynamic position management on top of that to have an additional edge.  We will never stop looking for ways to increase that edge through speed, capital preservation, and maximization of profits.