Is This The Best Way to Trade Every Open?

I set up seven one-and-done's this morning.  I've learned that they usually get filtered out, so it makes sense to set up several, and then only the best setups get traded.

Now I'm starting to believe that it makes sense to always set up for both long and short, because we've all seen gaps reverse.  Why even try to predict the direction?  We just want to go for a ride in the right direction.

This morning, nearly everything filtered out at 9:31.  I did see a position filled in AAPL in the Tradier dashboard. The funny thing is that I thought I had entered AAPL calls.  I opened ThinkorSwim on my phone to see what the chart was doing, and I saw it dropping.  I was expecting the position to close for a loss at any moment, but it stayed there and even showed a small gain.  I started to think something was wrong with the hotel wifi being way behind, and I started to think I needed to login on my phone really fast to prevent a large loss.  Then I realized I was in puts.  Whew!