How Would Trade Unafraid Have Behaved During Yesterday's Reversal?

 It was quite a swift and dramatic drop we saw on October 6th.  Over 5 points in the SPY in 10 minutes.  Many traders holding long positions were taken by surprise.

I was not in a position at the time, so I can't give an actual report.  But I know this...

Trade Unafraid would not have panicked, hesitated, or waited to see if the market was going to bounce back.

Your trade plan would have been carried out precisely, no differently from any other market move.

You would have been hurt no worse than your configured trade plan specified.

However, we have some very clever, very special seismographs built into Trade Unafraid.  We can detect a dramatic change in the nature of the market and exit even more quickly when that is detected.

So you don't have just your option stop loss, not just your candle trailing stops, not just your profit protection, not just your underlying price level stop.

We also have the ability to spot a hard reversal in two different ways and to exit before the damage gets too bad.

It's faster than human reaction time.  It's immune to freezing like a deer in the headlights.  It's not susceptible to hopium.  It's indifferent to your attachment to the trade.

If the trade goes sour, it just exits.  Period.

And it happens before your maximum stop loss gets hit, minimizing your losses.

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