Sell Me On Trade Unafraid

I got this question privately on Twitter:

Can you sell me on your service? What I'm doing now in ToS is bracket OCO targeting 2-2 reversals on the daily mostly. Also some 3-1-2 and 2-1-2 on daily. I need automation because a) I'm busy and 2) I suck psychologically. I'm programming my OCO with a 40% TP and 20% trail stop. Tell me how for these examples TU would be way better and help me.

We currently provide the ability to create multiple Strat setups on intraday candles, so you could set up 2-2, 3-1-2, and 2-1-2 setups on hourlies or any other time frame you choose. In order to trade daily setups, you would currently use a different setup, which waits for the break of the prior day's candle. We will implement these same Strat setups on daily candles in the near future.

In addition to the setups, we give you the ability to use Setup Filters to determine whether or not to enter a setup. For example, there is a Full Time Frame Continuity (FTFC) filter, which lets you specify the time frames to use to decide whether or not to enter when a setup triggers. If the FTFC filter fails, then the setup will not trigger a trade.

There is also a Time of Day filter, allowing you to skip setups that trigger during the middle of the day. Of course, everything in your Trade Plan is up to you to include or exclude and, if included, to configure as you like.

On top of that, the OCO bracket is a very crude tool when compared to the multiple sophisticated exit tactics available in Trade Unafraid. We offer a variety of dynamic exits, such as candle trails (on a long trade, your stop moves up with the low of each candle, using the candle duration of your choosing), trailing stops, preserve profit, and green-to-red reversal protection in two flavors. These tactics allow you to automate control of your position with subtlety that you simply cannot get from an OCO bracket. And they can be used in any combination, so you have multiple ways you may exit without any conflicts.

There are also ways to automatically and instantly place take-profit orders using grab cents or ratchet brackets, both of which also include a trailing stop. Our users express a lot of enthusiasm for Ratchet Brackets in particular.

On top of these things are other features such as repeating trade plans, which can restart the same trade plan repeatedly, option selection algorithms, and option filters to keep you out of option contracts with bad spreads. And with all the automation Trade Unafraid provides, it also offers manual override with controls that are far easier to use than anything you've seen in other trading platforms.

One quick example: If you have your OCO bracket in place, and you decide you want to take profit on half of your position, you have to do some juggling to make that happen, since the OCO has already "spoken for" your entire position. You have to at least reduce the quantity on the OCO before you can create a new order to exit the remaining half.

With Trade Unafraid, you don't have to do anything but click a button to close some portion of your position. All the other parts of your trade plan simply adjust to your manual actions. No more futzing with open orders to close a portion of a trade.

There's a lot to like here. And we're just getting started. New features are being added all the time. In fact, we just announced yesterday that you can now share Trade Plan templates with other users. So you can set up a Trade Plan, provide a code to others, and they can then import your Trade Plan, trade it as is, or tweak it to suit their preferences.

Finally, I'll add that we have a lively and upbeat Discord server where users are sharing ideas, encouraging each other, and now sharing turn-key Trade Plans.

Hopefully, you're sold. If not, please reach out on Twitter or here, and let's talk.