June Trading Summary

It's a little funny to post a trading summary for June, considering we just started trading live on Thursday, the 25th.  Still, the results are worth a look.

We had one small losing trade today that is not shown in the summaries, because they don't appear until after midnight.  It was a $30 loss.  Honestly, it was due to a mistake I made because of a miscommunication between my developer and me.  It would have been a winning trade if I hadn't set a tight trailing stop from the start.  We have another way to deal with trailing stops after hitting targets, and that's what I should have used, but I thought it was not yet working.  That won't happen again.  Anyway, it's live trading, so we will factor it in.

Why weren't there more trades today, considering how many there were yesterday?  Between my day job and manually managing a long position in TSLA, there just wasn't time or focus for more today.  But July should be a very active and fun month!

After doing all of this, I realized that the number of trades is not correct.  Tradier's accounting is showing more trades than we actually had, for example, showing two BYND contracts as separate trades.

We will have better reporting implemented by the time July is over.  Analytics will be an important benefit of using this product.

Here's the raw data from Tradier.  There are multiple tables, because I have three live accounts.

We've started out trading small, looking for bugs, and learning how to use this power tool without losing a limb.  As we gain confidence, we will start to give it a little leash and let it do what it's clearly made for, which is extracting profits from the market without the trader having to race to enter orders and deal with conflicting orders.

What are conflicting orders?  Have you ever had a position in profit, but you can't decide whether to give it a limit order and hope it gets there or give it a stop order and hope it doesn't?  Yes, you can set a bracket in most trading platforms, but they are very limited in what you can actually do.  This product goes so far beyond a bracket order.  We give you many different combinations of "contradictory" orders that can all be used to minimize your risk, maximize your profit, and adjust dynamically as the market moves.