August Trading Summary

It was a losing month for me.  I lost over $18.  It's kind of funny but also a little disappointing considering the June and July results, not to mention Ethan's August results.

Please keep in mind, though, that my trading is intended to wring bugs, issues, and opportunities for improvement out of the platform.  I'm not actually trading "as a trader" at this point.  I'm trading as a system architect.  The fact that my trading has been profitable overall is a nice bonus.

One thing that Ethan pointed out is that I have been burned by some of the more volatile stocks at the open during one-and-done's.  If you take out the four largest losing trades of the month, which were OAD's on ROKU, SQ, TSLA, and NFLX, the month would have resulted in a gain of $1647.06.  Those are by far the largest losses, with all the other losses much, much less than these outliers.

In the post-mortems on these trades, we found that both stock price and option price, along with option spreads, were all bouncing around violently, causing p&l to jump equally violently.  What might have turned out to be winning trades were whipsawed out in a hurry by the market turbulence at the open.

As always, we have made some adjustments, added some new features, and will continue to research this market behavior.  

But as Ethan pointed out, his account is up 36% trading AAPL and FB, so it's not necessary to trade the wilder names and wider spreads to make a great return.

DateSymbolQtyP/LDaily P/L
Aug 3, 2020PINS11$269.76$245.15
Aug 3, 2020PINS3-$24.61
Aug 4, 2020AMD6$70.85-$400.64
Aug 4, 2020AMD10$114.05
Aug 4, 2020SPY8-$153.51
Aug 4, 2020ROKU6-$511.26
Aug 4, 2020AAPL6$128.74
Aug 4, 2020SPY8-$49.51
Aug 5, 2020SQ6-$451.26-$481.98
Aug 5, 2020SPY10-$91.89
Aug 5, 2020SPY5-$35.95
Aug 5, 2020SPY10$48.09
Aug 5, 2020SPY5$49.03
Aug 6, 2020SPY12-$98.27-$127.46
Aug 6, 2020SPY7-$64.34
Aug 6, 2020SPY7-$36.34
Aug 6, 2020SPY13-$15.46
Aug 6, 2020SPY13-$67.46
Aug 6, 2020SPY12-$50.25
Aug 6, 2020SPY2$39.61
Aug 6, 2020SPY10-$11.91
Aug 6, 2020SPY7$68.67
Aug 6, 2020SPY7$68.67
Aug 6, 2020SPY2$39.62
Aug 7, 2020AAPL7$131.60$131.60
Aug 13, 2020CSCO7$102.61$191.45
Aug 13, 2020FB6$88.84
Aug 14, 2020AAPL5$78.96$78.96
Aug 17, 2020NVDA1$9.78$98.58
Aug 17, 2020WMT6$88.80
Aug 18, 2020SPY10$48.11-$163.04
Aug 18, 2020SPY9-$19.71
Aug 18, 2020SPY11$41.93
Aug 18, 2020SPY9$7.26
Aug 18, 2020SPY9-$27.73
Aug 18, 2020SPY9-$74.73
Aug 18, 2020SPY6-$14.08
Aug 18, 2020SPY7-$78.39
Aug 18, 2020SPY7-$50.34
Aug 18, 2020SPY1$4.64
Aug 19, 2020SPY7$68.03$40.31
Aug 19, 2020SPY4$14.88
Aug 19, 2020V8$77.25
Aug 19, 2020V5$15.20
Aug 19, 2020BYND9-$12.80
Aug 19, 2020SPY12-$122.25
Aug 20, 2020TSLA38-$310.21-$322.39
Aug 20, 2020AAPL6-$12.18
Aug 21, 2020AAPL10$362.02$362.02
Aug 24, 2020FB5$78.98$509.45
Aug 24, 2020FB8$430.47
Aug 26, 2020NIO200$41.62$222.59
Aug 26, 2020AAPL6$94.83
Aug 26, 2020FB6$88.76
Aug 26, 2020FB14-$2.62
Aug 27, 2020NFLX19-$392.67-$488.74
Aug 27, 2020SPY7-$64.39
Aug 27, 2020AAPL8$116.45
Aug 27, 2020SPY17-$46.23
Aug 27, 2020SPY10-$101.90
Aug 28, 2020AAPL5-$13.02$15.80
Aug 28, 2020FB6$28.82
Aug 31, 2020BYND5$70.00$70.00