Daily Candle Breaks

 On Wednesday, Lee mentioned that it was quite popular to trade breakouts through a previous day candle high or low, so we added a new feature, and I decided to give it a shot on Thursday. (Yes, we are able to add new capabilities incredibly quickly.) 

The results on this particular trade were not that impressive, but I'm sure it is clear how powerful this feature will be going forward.

At around 9:55 on Thursday morning, it looked to me like FB was perhaps bottoming out (blue arrow). It had failed to break the day's low, and I thought perhaps it could have been turning around. So I used the new setup, daily candle break, and set it for today. This option is configurable, and you can set it for yesterday, or two days prior, whatever you would like. I then configured the trade plan to buy on a break of the 5 minute candle that surpassed the day's high (red arrow).

My resting orders were filled quite quickly on a sharp move up before my position trail got hit as the candle closed red. As has been the case much of last week, it ended up being a choppy move that would right after reach 279. The trade resulted in a $38 gain.

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