Why is This Video Vitally Important?

We just posted this video.  It shows a screen recording of a very modestly profitable trade in $AMC on June 9, 2021 in the middle of the day.  It is not an ideal trade.  It is not an ideal time to trade.  So what makes this video so vitally important?

If you look at the controls shown in this video and compare them to what your trading platform provides, there is absolutely no comparison.  If we created a comparison matrix of features available in Trade Unafraid versus those provided by ThinkorSwim, TWS, E-Trade, Schwab, Fidelity, or anyone else, you would have a column of green checks under Trade Unafraid and columns of red X's under every other platform.  You will find nothing even remotely like the controls and automation available in Trade Unafraid.

Why is that the case?  Very simply, because those platforms all think like a brokerage.  They provide software that lets you do what they can do as a brokerage.  They can place market orders, limit orders, stop orders, trailing stops, OCO brackets, and that's about it.  So their software reflects that limited trading vocabulary.

We think like traders, and we use a completely different vocabulary.  We provide software that lets you do what you want to do as a trader.  We provide an automated entry on the break of the prior 2-minute candle.  We let you trail a stop based on the low of the prior 39-minute candle.  We let you enter on the bounce off the 5-minute 8 or 21 EMA.  We let you place take profit orders automatically the instant your entry is filled.  There are so many innovative things we provide that it is impractical to describe them in one, or even a dozen, blog posts.  And all of Trade Unafraid's features are available without any programming.

The point is that trading using those other tools makes your job harder.  Using Trade Unafraid makes your job much, much easier.

In the video above, you also see how easily you can make manual trades, all within the context of an automated trade plan.  The trade plan automatically adjusts to any manual moves you make.

Just one quick thought experiment:  If you already have an OCO bracket in place to take a profit or stop you out, what would you have to do if you decided you wanted to take a quick profit on 25% of your position?  How many clicks would it take?  How much time?  Compare that to what you see in the video.

With Trade Unafraid, you can have several different exit tactics all co-existing.  Your broker can't do that, because it would require them placing multiple orders that add up to more than your actual position.  Trade Unafraid is able to do this, because it is continuously watching your position, the price of the underlying stock if you're trading options, the patterns of the price chart, and your P&L, looking for reasons to make a move in real-time.  It is not locked into the mindset of only placing orders and waiting for them to get filled.  It is actively monitoring your positions, watching for triggers that lead to placing or changing an order dynamically.

You can continue to use your old trading platform.  Or you can trade using a tool based on a new paradigm.  This is where discretionary and algorithmic trading come together.

For a limited time, you can use the promo code 2MONTH50 to get your first two months for only $50 per month.  We will also invite you into our Discord, where you can interact with the developers and with other users.  There are some very exciting things happening in there.

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