Juggling Multiple Positions

This is a video of Ethan's trading today, July 7, 2021.  There is no narration, but I thought there was enough important stuff happening that I went through it and highlighted all the important things that are easy to overlook.

This is Trade Unafraid in action, trading #TheStrat on several symbols at once. During the video, you can see Trade Unafraid monitoring charts looking for setups. Some things to take note of:

00:00 Five active Trade Plans are looking for #TheStrat setups on the 1-minute charts. The charts are collapsed at this point to show more concurrent Trade Plans. 00:12 A preconfigured Trade Plan is loaded. It includes the setup, filters (e.g. full time frame continuity), entry and exit tactics, and even option selection criteria, for when trading options rather than shares. The trader just adds the symbol, PTON, clicks CREATE, and now there are six active Trade Plans. How many charts can you watch at once? 00:30 Some notifications pop up regarding the charts being monitored. The trader opens the NVDA Trade Plan, and we can see that he is looking for 1-2d-2u and 3-2d-2u setups. We can see that the 3-2d-2u is still looking for a 3, but that the 1-2d-2u has already had the 1 and 2d satisfied, and it is now ready to enter on a 2u. 00:43 Price breaks the high of the 2d, completing the 1-2d-2u, and the trade is automatically entered. In the top-left, the Position window shows 3 shares bought at 821.24. The position chart appears on the right, plotting the bid, ask, and last price. We can also see the 1-minute candle trail exit tactic below that chart, as well as the red line on the stock chart which marks the low of the prior 1-minute candle. As time goes on, you will see that line move with each new 1-minute candle. 00:55 The trader chooses 25% (yes, this is a very small position) next to the chart, and then clicks on the chart at the price where he wants a limit order placed, represented by a green line. The order also appears in the Orders table below the Positions. 01:20 The trader uses Ctrl-click to move the limit order down a bit. 01:25 The 1-minute candle trail moves up. Almost immediately, price breaks below, and the position is closed for loss of $2.58. 01:40 NVDA continues to drop, so that small loss was a good move. 01:45 The trader pauses the NVDA trade plan. This prevents it from entering any more trades, while it still monitors the chart for setups. 01:48 The trader sees the notification that TTD has completed a 2d, so he opens the chart. Seconds later, the 1-2d-2u triggers long, and the trade is entered. 37 shares are purchased at 79.39. The 1-minute candle trail can be seen on the chart. 02:00 The trader select 10% and then click the chart to place a limit order to take a partial profit. 02:08 A second limit order is placed for another 10%. 02:18 The trader hovers over the 25% exit button, prepared to close 25% of his position in case price does not reach his targets. 03:28 The trader cancels the closer take-profit order. 03:45 The trader clicks the chart to close 10% of his position. 04:10 The manual exit of four shares is shown in two entries because there were two partial fills. 04:12 Just as the trader changes tabs, you can see the second limit order gets filled. 04:30 The trader places another limit order for 25% of his original position. 04:37 He cancels that order and replaces it with a 10% order. 04:59 The third limit order is filled. 05:04 PTON triggers a 1-2d-2u entry. 05:14 The trader places a limit order on 10% of his PTON position. It is worth noting here that Trade Unafraid can automatically place target orders instantly, but this trader chose not to use that exit tactic in this case. He is placing all target orders manually. 05:18 The trader closes the PTON chart, leaving it to Trade Unafraid to manage automatically, and he returns to the TTD trade. 05:55 After hovering over the Close 10% button without clicking it, the trader clicks the chart to close another 10% of the TTD trade. 06:58 The trader clicks the Close 10% button, taking profit on another four shares of TTD. 07:05 The trader switches from TTD to PTON. Trade Unafraid has moved the 1-minute candle trail up close to TTD's current price. 07:45 Switches back to TTD. Note that both charts could be left open at the same time. 08:00 The trader pauses the DTST trade plan, preventing an entry. 08:29 PTON stops out due to the 1-minute candle trail for a loss of 0.63. 10:30 TTD stops out due to the 1-minute candle trail for a profit of $54.16. 10:34 Above the table of Closed Positions, we can see total Pnl for the day. 10:45 SNOW triggers on the 1-2d-2u. The video was trimmed a bit, but we now see that the ROKU trade plan has been paused to prevent trade entry. 11:05 The trader places two profit targets on the SNOW chart. 12:06 SNOW jumps to reach the first profit target. 12:50 SNOW flies through the second profit target. 12:58 The trader places a limit order that instantly fills another 10% of the original position. 14:49 The trader places another limit order near the day's high. 15:32 The trader cancels the limit order. 15:46 The 1-minute candle trail stops the SNOW trade out for a gain of $18.20.