Trade Unafraid is NOT a Black Box Algo

There seems to be some confusion about what Trade Unafraid is.

Let's first clear up something very important about what it is not.

Trade Unafraid is not some black box, AI, portfolio-managing, cede-your-control, magic, "we outperformed the S&P by x%," make-decisions-for-you trading genie.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.  It's just not Trade Unafraid.

So, if it's not that, then what is Trade Unafraid?

Trade Unafraid is a trading platform that follows your instructions just like TD Ameritrade's ThinkorSwim, Schwab's Streetsmart Edge, Interactive Broker's TWS, TradeStation, Fidelity, Robinhood, Webull, eToro, etc.  It's just another trading tool comparable to those...with several significant improvements.

Where those tools stop, Trade Unafraid is just getting started.  The most sophisticated thing you'll get from most trading platforms is a trailing stop or an OCO bracket.  That's because they think like an exchange.  Those are the building blocks that exchanges provide.  And, for that reason, that's what most traders think of as "having a trading plan."

At Trade Unafraid, we decided not to be limited by those simplistic orders understood by the exchange.  Software is capable of far more than the limited vocabulary of market order, stop order, limit order.  With Trade Unafraid, you can use terms like candle trail, ratchet brackets, and ATR-based targets.  It's like comparing a first grade trading vocabulary to a college-level trading vocabulary.  This allows you to build a trade plan of great sophistication, rather than the brutish OCO bracket which is oblivious to everything that happens in between the two levels.

Because Trade Unafraid is the only platform designed to take actions on your behalf, completely configured by you, it's like you have a wingman looking out for you.  Trade Unafraid honors the contract you made with yourself, even when you might not.  (Of course, you have full control to change things in the moment.  The question is whether you should or not.  But that's a question for another blog post.)  Think of Trade Unafraid as a trading assistant, on your side, working for you.

Trade Unafraid gives you something else amazing: power tools for manual trading.  Have you ever had to change an OCO bracket or trailing stop because you wanted to take partial profits now?  Of course you have.  Who hasn't?  You know that kabuki dance you have to do to modify your existing orders, because your entire position is accounted for, so you have to reduce the quantity, just so you can sell something?  That #$*@& is history with Trade Unafraid.  Just click a button to close 10%, 4 contracts, 117 shares, whatever you want.  Everything else adjusts automatically.  You have never been so agile or so relaxed as a trader before.

But Trade Unafraid makes no decisions without you.  Every penny of your Trade Plan is designed by you.  Trade Unafraid simply watches every tick and takes actions based on your dynamic, living Trade Plan without delay, without hesitation, at the speed of software.  And if the idea of designing a trade plan sounds intimidating, don't worry.  We give you the Legos and let you assemble it piece by piece.  Plus, you can import other peoples' trade plans and trade them as if you were them!  Or tweak them and make them your own.  And then share them with others, if you choose.

Your watchlist is yours.  Your entries are designed by you.  Your entry filters are designed by you.  Your exits are designed by you.  Even your option selection criteria is designed by you.  Your entire trade plan is yours.  All Trade Unafraid does is follow your instructions to the cent.

Trade Unafraid is a glass box, not a black box.  Everything it does is not only clear and well understood, it was put there by you.