Trading FOMC News

If you're looking for a big win, please look elsewhere.  If you're looking for an easy win, you've come to the right place.  :-)  

This was the first time I ever used this platform to trade news, so I traded very modestly.  The nice thing is that it performed perfectly.

I knew that the market would move both directions on the 2pm FOMC news, so I set it up to go long or short, looking for the break of a one-minute candle high or low.  The first move was up, so it went long and hit both profit targets in under a minute.  It could have made a lot more money if I had not been so conservative.

Honestly, I messed up in two ways.  I meant to leave a runner, but I didn't.  And I meant to have it trade both directions, but I did something wrong there too, so it only traded long.  The short move was about twice the size and would have hit its profit targets, as well.

Any time you're learning to play with a power tool and you not only don't lose a finger, but you actually come out with a profit, you have to consider yourself lucky.

And every one of these experiences shows us how we can improve the usability and the capabilities for next time.

Anyway, that was another $40 profit.